Prerak Shah


Everything in this world has a different possibility.

Hello and welcome to my world  !!

My name is Prerak, and I have been an avid photographer for the past 5 years. Starting my journey in India, I currently reside in the beautiful northern town of Australia, Darwin. Here, I am pursuing my passion for photography while completing my masters.

I love clicking portraits and bringing out people’s emotions, be it any human for I believe photographs capture your mind through your emotions. I love bringing that to life and etching it into history forever. My portfolio also includes shoots for businesses, cafes and product photography.

My favourite quote is “Everything in this world has a different possibility” because I feel in this journey called Life, we are all but a choice away to follow into an alternate timeline.

You can book a session with me by contacting me on 0499602111 or emailing us at prerakshahphotos@gmail.com. 

All sessions are customized based on the client’s needs.

Looking forward to catching up and clicking your moments and transforming them into memories.

You can follow me on Instagram HERE.